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Tack Strips

Massasoit/Tackband, Inc. offers a greater variety of tacking strips and upholstery fasteners than any other manufacturer. These tack strips eliminate blind stitching, gimp tacking, furniture nails, uneven edges and unsightly gaps.

Massasoit/Tackband, Inc. has the right trim strip for your fabric, vinyl or leather upholstery.

  Tacktite Tack Strips
Tacktite/M-Tack StripPunched out of strong cold rolled steel, Tacktite has conditioned edges and rounded end to help eliminate snags and tears on delicate fabrics. The tacking strips have a deep cut serration in the tacks for greater holding power. Tacktite is also available with the M-Tack, which has larger barbs for plywood and other materials that require superior grip. The tack strips, which are available with 6, 8, 10, 12 and the new 20 ounce tack, are pre-cut to any length. Massasoit/Tackband, Inc. offers two Tacktite products for extra protection when using fine fabric, silk, vinyl, velour or leather. Tacktite/Vinyl has a slim fitted vinyl plastic sleeve, that will not fall off, for superior protection or Tacktite Pad-A-Tack with soft foam padding for protection that maintains a fine edge. Both are available with the same tack and length options as regular Tacktite.
Tacktite/Vinyl Strip Tacktite Pad-A-Tack (Folded End) Strip
Tacktite Pad-A-Tack (End Cut) Strip Tacktite Strip
  Fiber Pad-A-Tack and Fiber Tack StripFiber Tack Strip
Made from strong pressure-bonded fiberboard. Fiber tack strip offers exclusive one piece construction with no sharp edges and ease of cutting.
Available with 4 6,8,10,12, and 14 ounce tacks or nails; precut to any length.
  Steel Tack Strip and Steel Pad-A-TackSteel Tack Strip
Fiber core and rust resistant plated steel makes a strong, smooth, and rounded tacking strip for the ultimate job.
Available with 4 6,8,10,12, and 14 ounce tacks or nails; precut to any length.
For the really special jobs you can order Steel Pad-A-Tack. (Same as above with a soft foam backing applied)
Flex-Grip & Curve-Ease
  Flexgrip 2 and 3 Prong Strips
Speed up your upholstering by eliminating hand sewing and blind stitching on every curve. Flexgrip and Curve Ease flexible tacking strips attach easily and quickly, with nails, tacks or staples. Cut to length so there is no waste. Ideal for leather, plastics, velour, silks and light weight fabrics.
  Curve - Ease StripsCurve-Ease is available with 3 prongs and in three weights - light, medium and heavy.
Flex-grip is available in with 2 or 3 prongs and in four weights - regular, medium heavy, heavy and extra heavy (By special order).
All are pack at 500 feet per carton. (Five 100 foot pancake rolls)
Tackfast Panels
  Flexible pre-tacked arm, border and trim panels speed your inline upholstering efficiency by eliminating time consuming pre-production operations 4 ways:  

Tack Fast Panel1) Eliminates cutting of panel stock
2) Eliminates tack insertion
3) Eliminates padding
4) Eliminates brad application

Available: Widths of 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2" with 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 ounce tacks or nails. Pre-cut in any length up to 46".

Trim and Matching Nails

Massasoit's French Natural Nailhead Trim eliminates individual nailing, speeds up upholstering operations and cuts cost 50% to 80%. Absolute accurate spacing for uniform professional appearance.

Nailhead Trim and Matching NailsNo. 2: Use upholstery nail every other nailhead

No. 3: Use upholstery nail every third nailhead

No. 5: Use upholstery nail every fifth nailhead

No. 9: No upholstery nails needed (To apply, use Senco Gun #JN-2330 and Senco staple #D-10BCA)

All trim is available in continuous pancake rolls; 50 yards each, 20 rolls/carton. Both ½" and ¾" shank French Natural nails available.

The #5 French Natural nailhead trim can also be purchased in 10 yard rolls packaged with ½" French Natural nails. (see below)

Massasoit/Tackband, Inc. distributes the most complete line of decorative nailhead trim and nails produced by Stilfix/Andes. The trim is packaged in 1 meter (39-3/8") strips with 250, 125 or 100 pieces per carton depending on the size. The available sizes include 9mm, 9.6mm, 11.3mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm. Finish choices include French Natural, Old Gold, Nickel, Bronze Renaissance, Copper, Old Copper, Brass and Antique.

Special Packaging
Massasoit/Tackband, Inc. can help you with your special packaging needs. If you would like custom packaging for retail or special put-ups for production, give us a call. Below please find 2 examples of our special packaging.

Clear hanging tube with 4 pieces of Fiber Tackstrip
27" long, #8 tacks

Hanging roll of #5 French Natural Nailhead Trim with a blister containing 144
1/2" shank nails.